Macomer Geothermal Plants

Macomer Geothermal Plants

It is a form of alternative energy that is still not very widespread in Sardinia, a region that continues to prefer more traditional heating sources due to the mild climate. Geothermal plants are based on the exploitation of the thermal gradient, that is the difference in temperature that characterizes the subsoil according to the depth. As we proceed towards the deep layers of the earth’s crust, the temperature increases, but the variations also occur according to the particular geological conditions in which we operate. Despite the excellent development margins of the sector, Geothermal energy in Sardinia does not find those spaces that have been created in other regions of northern Italy and northern Europe, where plants of this kind are systematically tested and recognized as more advantageous. Pending developments especially in the area of ​​regional policies in favor of alternative energy, we remain attentive to any changes that favor the development of these systems. The company is able to produce a project on the needs of a building, public or private, and to provide a turnkey system.

Impianti Geotermici Macomer

Macomer Geothermal Plants
Macomer Geothermal Plants
Macomer Geothermal Plants


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