Acquanostra is a Sardinian company that has been operating in the field of water wells since 1960. The company offers all the solutions for drilling of the subsoil according to the different utilities and needs. The company specializes in water wells, water lifting systems, wells for cathodic protection dispersers, geothermal energy, wells for capturing biogas, micropiles, boreholes, cores and geological studies.

Wells for Water

We build wells for private, public use, agriculture and industries. We also deal with the design and sizing of water lifting systems.
Wells for public use, private and condominiums, coatings, agriculture, farming and industry, centers and commercial activities, water lifting systems, solar powered water lifting systems.

Drilling and Services

We are specialized in drilling related to civil engineering such as: micropiles, boreholes, core boring and subsoil characterization works.
Surveys, cores and geognostic surveys, wells for cathodic protection dispersers, wells for the uptake of biogas, geothermal, micropiles.

Complementary Services

We carry out logistics services, and at the request of the customer, we are able to initiate geological studies for the identification of underground aquifers. Acquanostra also relieves lves its customers of the bureaucratic obligations relating to the execution of the work.

Acquanostra by Roberto and Carlo Achenza

The Team

Acquanostra Drilling

Roberto Achenza

Commercial manager

Roberto is the company’s commercial director, and is responsible for the company’s business development. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in the sector, having completed a significant number of drilling operations.

Acquanostra Drilling

Carlo Achenza

Head of Perforations

Carlo is the youngest of the brothers and is mainly involved in drilling. He is authorized to use mechanical means and vehicles having obtained the necessary qualifications and licenses according to the laws in force.

Acquanostra Drilling

Enrico Achenza

Environmental Manager

Roberto’s son, he is responsible for environmental impact. Over the years he has been engaged in academic studies, initially obtaining a three-year degree in Urban Planning and then concluding, cum laude, the master’s degree in Landscape Architecture.

Our Services

We offer our customers a real turnkey service. Our staff directly takes care of all the works in every phase of the work, up to the safety of the same. Acquanostra offers the customer all kinds of specialist advice including the fulfillment of bureaucratic obligations relating to the work.

Professional Team

You will be followed by a highly professional team that will guide you step by step throughout the analysis, implementation and assistance phase.


We carry out a free consultation through an inspection and we are able to provide information on the definition of water needs in relation to land use.

Assistance and Maintenance

All the works we carry out include an after-sales service and maintenance system, constant over time, with which we support the customer at best.

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Contact us for a quote or a free consultation.
We are at your disposal to help you in the best possible way. Water is our element and we will be able to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

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