Drilling Sardinia

Drilling Sardinia

The company is made up of four divisions specialized in as many types of services: 1. The search for wells for water and related activities such as geothermal, cathodic protection dispersers, wells for capturing bio-gas and lifting water from wells; 2. drilling related to civil engineering such as geognostics – micropiles – boreholes – core drilling and subsoil characterization works; 3. consultancy, including geological studies for the identification of aquifers, consultancy for the definition of needs for the quantity and quality of water; 4. complementary services such as the handling of paperwork, monitoring of wells, estimates, inspections and water analyzes. The main areas of intervention and the specific services offered by Acquanostra are listed below.

Surveys, cores and geognostic surveys

Wells for cathodic protection dispersers

Wells for the collection of biogas



Drilling Sardinia
Drilling Sardinia
Drilling Sardinia

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